Abstract Art Workshops

I started running abstract art workshops, primarily for businesses and individuals who want something a bit different for their event from the usual activities for meetings, team builds or special occasions.

These workshops have proved to be very popular and due to demand recently I have expanded the portfolio of courses, workshops and talks that I run:

Abstract Art Workshops
  • These sessions last from a couple of hours to a morning /afternoon or make a great evening activity.
  • I supply the canvases and all materials and give a short training session on some great techniques to get your people off to a flying start. I can accommodate your delegates at my studio in Cheltenham with free parking or come to your hotel or venue.
  • At the end of the session your delegates will have an original abstract art painting that will always remind them of your workshop.
Art Safari
(Typically 10.00 am – 4.00pm)

These are great fun and very popular. I can visit you or your delegates can visit me in the beautiful Cotswolds.

  • I start the session by outlining the day and giving a brief overview of Abstract Art.
  • We then have a walk in the countryside where your delegates take photos with their phones or cameras of the views and compositions
  • After lunch your delegates will select their favourite photograph which we print out
  • They will then spend the afternoon turning that photograph into an Abstract Painting on a real deep edge canvas with guidance from myself
  • Again, I supply all materials and by the end of the session they will have a painting to take home
Abstract Art Gym
(Typically 10.00 am – 4.00pm)
  • This is an Art work-out where we look at 3 pioneering Abstract Artists: Kandinsky, Malevich and Matisse. We explore their motivation and inspiration and then create our own abstract art. Great fun, very informative and allows people to try different abstract techniques.
Design and Build Your Own Workshop
  • Great for corporate and business clients who have a meeting theme and want to use art within the session. The subjects that I have supported are: Leadership, Selling Skills, Personality Profiling, Change Management and Communication Skills. With a background in senior management, I have an excellent understanding of what corporate clients want.
Special Occasion Workshops
  • An Abstract Art session makes an excellent event for a special occasion or birthday. I will tailor the workshop to your requirements.
  • Increasingly, I am asked to gives talks about Abstract Art and they make an excellent stimulating topic for an after lunch or dinner talk. Everybody has a view on abstract art. The history of abstract art has been very controversial and has really divided opinion with Adolf Hitler calling it ‘degenerate art’. I use slides and my own pictures to illustrate points.
Hotels and Event Companies
  • I am always looking to expand my business and already work for hotels. I am flexible, reliable and a subject matter expert. Also, I am happy to travel.

The cost is from £25 per person per session including materials.

Next Steps:

If you are interested for a no obligation quote please contact me: info@tonydavie.co.uk or call 07810857255.